Every day we rely on man-made products and devices to make our lives easier and safer.  In our cars we expect that the airbags and seatbelts will keep us safe in an accident.  However, few people realize that it is the seat itself that is the primary safety device in the typical “rear-end” collision. 

When you are hit from behind your body goes backward first.  If the seat back does not remain rigid your body can slide backwards and then whip forward with tremendous force.  This can result in serious spinal injuries.

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In our household appliances and gadgets we expect that they will make life easier without being dangerous.  Pressure cookers should not explode; pasta makers should not mangle fingers and hands. When these injuries happen you need someone who understands the engineering and mechanics of the design of the machine.  As a little boy I helped my father rebuild transmissions and carburetors.  As a lawyer for 22 years, I took that mechanical skill and applied it understanding machines and how they could be made safer

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